Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Project Title Ideas

Hey guys... I thought we could get some dialogue going on ideas for a name for our project. Hana mentioned "The Bottom" but I think a lot of us felt that that had too negative a connotation. I really like the metaphorical feel it has though.

I was looking at the map that James gave us and it describes Lancaster Ave as a "gateway." I thought that might be an idea, The Gateway.

Anyways feel free to post some ideas, hopefully we can come up with something we all feel invested in and that will represent our project well :)

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  1. I have some more ideas that have developed from my continued relationship with George:

    Sweat Equity - George was telling me that the unspoken motto of the neighborhood is: if you want something done, you go out and do it. He referred to how the changes that have occurred on Lancaster have been through the hard work, the sweat, of the business owners and community members. He called it "Sweat Equity." I don't know how relevant that is to our project, but I like the connotation a lot, the idea that the hard work of the community has brought about change. And I really like the way it sounds, kind of rhyme-y.

    Walk the Beat - Apparently when police officers used to patrol the area, they called it "walking the beat." It just meant walking the street. The cops seem to have had/have a pretty good relationship with the community spurred from a good community outreach program. Cops actually served as mentors to young people when George was a kid, teaching them to box, keeping them out of trouble. So there are good feelings involved. I like that "Walk the Beat" feels kind of literal for our Lancaster walk project. I also think "beat" is a cool word specifically, almost as if there is a rhythm to the neighborhood that you can experience by getting to know the street and its people.

    Just some more ideas to throw out there :)