Monday, August 8, 2011

After some thought

When a section of a city is named for its history. History isn’t to be forgotten but it is to be celebrated and learned from. Not being from the neighborhood, as outsiders, it is hard for us to say what is offensive to a certain group of people. The only thing that we can go by, as outsiders, is history. The way we interpret a name is just that and it might not be the way native people interpret it.
I was in favor of the name “Heart of the Bottom” and partially still am but having time to mull over the idea of using that name I’m starting to see both sides of the argument more clearly. The idea that people will be offended by the term “bottom” makes sense because of the type of people that our project is targeted to more then just the people who know the history of neighborhood. I think that that alone gives us reason to question the name. I think it would be a good name for a history project but we are using very new technology and it seems that we are moving away from history and moving towards the future.
I think it’s a great name. but for our purposes I don’t think that it will represent the project as a whole.

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